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Digital Transformation Leadership

Digital transformation is a journey that requires vision, strategy, and leadership. We don't just define, implement, and govern digital solutions, we help cultivate the leaders who can make them work. We help build the competencies and capabilities that can guide and motivate your organization to embrace digital transformation.

Portfolio Project Management

An organization’s portfolio of projects should support the strategic goals and objectives of the organization and align with its vision, mission, and values.Our Portfolio Project Management expertise aligns project delivery to business strategy, balance risks and opportunities, prioritize benefit realization and maximize value.

Change Management

The progress of helping organizations plan, implement, and sustain changes that affect their strategy, structure, culture, or operations is key for any stage of deploying new processes or technology. We help clients identify the need for change, design a change vision and roadmap, engage stakeholders, manage resistance, monitor progress, and evaluate outcomes.

Agile Coaching

Agile coaching is a process of helping organizations adopt and improve agile practices, values, and principles. Our coaches provide guidance, mentoring, training, feedback, and facilitation to help teams deliver value faster and more effectively. They also help create a culture of collaboration, learning, and continuous improvement within the organization.

Professional Development

Professional development is key to improving one's skills, knowledge, and competencies in relation to one's career goals and work responsibilities. It can involve formal or informal learning activities, such as courses, workshops, mentoring, coaching, self-study, or networking.

Fractional VPs

A fractional VP is a senior executive who consults on a part-time or project-based basis, for a fraction of the cost of a full-time VP. A fractional VP can provide strategic leadership, expertise, and guidance in a specific area of the business, such as marketing, sales, finance, operations, or technology.